Project: Sorbetto { surprise }

I thought I'd show you the latest muslin of something I've been working on for, oh, about a month now. I've joined the ranks of Sorbetto lovers, and quite rightly as it is just another example of brilliant pattern making from Colette Patterns. This is a Sorbetto with a twist, however. A Sorbetto Surprise if you will ...

Whilst I love vest tops during the summer, we're rapidly heading in to Autumn here in Wales and I was after something with sleeves. Easy enough, I thought, as Mena at Sew Weekly had posted a cap sleeve pattern. I wanted something that came in around the ¾ length mark, so I just continued on the side seam lines until I'd reached the 13" I'd decided on. The ruffle edge came about due to a picture I've had saved for around 5 years and I really just wanted to see what they looked like in real life.

The big headache has been the collar. It's still not right; despite multiple drafts it still has a small gap at the front that you can't really see the full extent of in the above pictures. My sewing of curves still leaves much to be desired, but I assure you, that is a peter pan collar. I'm tempted to continue fiddling, reduce the neckline of the main pattern pieces by a seam's width so as not to lose anything from the original line perhaps. Overall though, I really like it and am planning on making a version in red gingham, probably without the ruffle on the sleeve as I think that has a more summery and floaty feel than the current weather requires.

If people want it, and I can find a scanner, I'll make the collar piece available. Just be warned it's not perfect and could probably use some more fiddling by someone a little better at pattern drafting than me. Even Gertie's tutorial couldn't help me get it completely right. I should also admit that after four drafts I gave up on making the undercollar that tiny bit smaller as I could never get it to work when sewing it together, so it's a small one piece deal. Hopefully with a little more practice I can get the collar looking right!

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Spotlight: Ulyana Sergeenko A/W 2011

I came cross the fourth picture on Pinterest (oh Pinterest, how I love thee!). If google translate's working properly I believe this is the first Autumn/ Winter collection for photographer/ stylist turned designer Ulyana Sergeenko, but it appears to have gone down well. A little unsurprisingly when you check out the photos below!

{ Source: Etoday }

I love the full length maxi skirts - actually, I just plain love everything. I think the colours and patterns are perfect for the coming Autumn/ Winter, the designs and styling are wonderfully retro, and the blogosphere appears to be sitting up and paying attention. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for her future collections.

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From Wales to the World

I'm not sure if this will work outside the UK but here's a little something my department put together, I hope you like it.

Edited to add: rather ironically, given the title of the trail, this isn't available outside of the UK, sorry about that! I'm afraid I can't find it on youtube where it might have been available worldwide. For those that can't see it, this is a trailer for all the dramas produced out of BBC Wales.

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London Blogger Meet-Up

A couple of weeks ago, Suzy of Suzy Sewing Blog tweeted that she was going to London to do some fabric shopping and asked for company. Having been a while since my last London road trip I jumped at the chance, knowing I could get a return coach ticket from Cardiff for roughly £20. Further conversations and a blog post later and Lauren of Tea & Crumpets and Justine of Polkadot Pebble were joining us. I'd not come across Justine's blog prior to the meet up but unfortunately for my poor housemate Lauren and Suzy are two of my very favourite bloggers which made me very very excited and very very babble-tastic. For the entire three hours it took to get there (and the three hours return) I don't think I shut up.

We had a lovely map put together by Suzy with shops to visit. I like this approach, it appeals to my Production Co-ordinator side, almost like a call sheet. I had no idea there were so many fabric shops in one area, and we visited each and every one. My favourites were probably Liberty's for its architecture (see Suzy's blog for pictures of us) and the Cloth House. Both Lauren and I decided that if we ever owned a sewing/ crafting shop it would be done out much like the Cloth House. We also discussed a Speakeasy, costume designer careers, Alexander Skarsgard, Game of Thrones, Alexander Skarsgard, Russell Tovey (who we passed in the street), Lord of the Rings and a whole heap of other subjects.

I had a great time chatting about everything under the sun, pointing out the craziest fabrics that could be made in to Doctor Who costumes and wandering around sunny (sunny!) Llundain. Definitely the best road trip in a long time and I hope to do it again soon.

I've finally recovered from the epic day trip and have found the time (whilst at work) to mess about with my photos. I failed miserably to take many interesting pictures, including pictures of any of us, but what I did take is below for your perusal.

Liberty's stairwell

Dress forms at Liberty's

Button wall at Libery's

Lauren, Suzy & Justine at the Cloth House

Suzy & Justine at the Cloth House

The Cloth House's window

And because a trip to London wouldn't be complete without a crazy person busking
whilst hanging upside down from a tree ...

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