7 Oct 2014

Night Photography Workshop

It's not often I get invited to local events, but South Wales appears to be up and coming in the blogging event circles which meant a lovely email invitation via Joe Blogs Networks dropped in to my inbox, asking me to come along to an evening workshop covering the basics in night photography. The event was being held at Chapter in Cardiff, a place I had never before visited but had heard lots about (and will be visiting far more in the future!).

You know me and my love of arty photography, unfortunately night shooting has long been beyond me so - quite frankly - they had me at covering the basics. From the sounds of things, the other blogger attendees fell for the event at the same time. Whilst night shooting was a great way to get my head around the relationship between various parts of my camera, it was the basics that we were all having trouble with.

18 mm // f10 // 8"

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12 Sep 2014

Ffefrynau Friday : 40



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ffefrynau plural of ffe-fryn
1. A person or thing that is
especially well liked.
ffefrynau fridays


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11 Sep 2014

Note To Self 2 : The Safety Razor

Dear Self,

While I cannot fault the logic behind purchasing a retro safety razor, which I will list below for prosperity, I cannot help but think this idea wasn't entirely thought through, which I will also expand upon below. Because you, Self, are a bit of numpty for constantly jumping in without thinking.

In an effort to reduce the amount of disposable products in your home and lifestyle, as well as reducing costs, you - Self - decided that a safety razor would be a good option. Blades are £2 for a pack of five. Compared to £8+ for a pack of four multi-blade razor heads I agree this seems like a no-brainer. Plus they're prettier, win win.

What you forgot to take in to account, Self, is how Dad, and every other adult male from your childhood without a beard, constantly had cuts on their face or neck. And you forgot how you, Self, had scarred ankles and cut knees for years after you started shaving your legs twenty odd plus change years ago. Yup, you guessed it, the safety razor isn't actually as safe as you might think. Even worse, trained by modern razor blades, with their three blade sharpness, conditioning strip, and ability to glide across the skin with barely a scratch, the safety razor is a weapon of mass destruction to all ankles, knees and arm pits because the way you shave with it is completely different.

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9 Sep 2014

Things To ... Go Back To School With : 4

One of the many things that happened in August is that I got myself a new job; permanent, full time and doing things I like. As a result, early August was a mess of nerves, frantic application writing and interviewing. Fortunately, it all paid off. I'm going to be across web design, social media and digital marketing for a national company so, y'know, no pressure. My first job based solely off my blog, I'm so proud. The timing (I start next week ... eek!) fits nicely with all the back to school stuff doing the rounds. This post started as a bunch of stationery that I liked that I could use in my new job, but it very quickly became about all the lovely clothes and accessories out there instead. Well done Anthropologie (UK), you've managed to score most of the spots in this post.

I have those new job jitters, and I really want to look the part ... depending on who you talk to, that part differs. One thing most people agree on is that I have an eclectic taste in clothes, I see no reason why a back to school post wouldn't support that. Handmade skirt will probably be first or second day outfit, because nothing says responsible adult like a skirt made out of a curtain. And flat shoes, because apparently my knees are fifty years older than me and heels are no longer my friends. I'm keeping those for the days I really need them. You know the kind.

Among other things I haven't mentioned here, Bear had to have a toe amputated a few weeks ago. A large growth was causing concern, just as well we did as it was a cancerous growth. He's recovering well and the vets are hopeful they've removed enough tissue to ensure the cancer doesn't spread. He's annoyed he can't go for walks but is otherwise back to his normal, bouncing self.

So roll on September. It can't possibly (please) be as eventful as August. And roll on my new job, back to school, and fresh starts.


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7 Aug 2014

Why I Dislike Air Freshners (And Other Artificial Scents)

My friend, Natalie, has a boyfriend with the tootiest bottom in the world, according to her. My response is always, and will always be: try living with the wolf, whose backside can clear a room in seconds. My entire scale of bad smells has been completely redefined since he came to live with me, in an ever changing waft of awfulness regardless of what I feed him. I can only imagine that response will change if and when I get my own semi-housetrained male to share living space with and whose posterior rivals Bear's.

Nat's boyfriend's 'fix' to his tooty bottom is to spray a truly epic amount of deodorant in an effort to mask the smell he's just created. As I'm sure many of you are aware, this does little to actually hide the scent and somehow just ends up in a stink of alcohol-based chemicals and fart that smells far worse than the original odour, and yet he still persists.

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